the quiet push and pull.



Your weight descends

upon the top of my head,

reaching into mind and brain

with luminous tendrils

of motherly love

and celestial command

in dizzying

orbital pirouettes,


a balloon riding

waves of solar wind

barely tethered to

a body or identity,

you push and pull

on our oceans

and minds high

in this early

summer heat,


quietly promising

to keep life churning,

keeping us company

without saying or

doing anything

but simply

being yourself,


teaching us all

a thing or two

about love.



Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014

11 thoughts on “the quiet push and pull.

  1. Lovely poem on missing out on so much…so true…leave for school or work just 30 mins earlier and walk real slow…you may catch the finch and smell the flowers. Thanks for dropping by my blog too. I am truly humbled, Oliana

  2. Last week I drew on this poem and the concept of the music of the spheres to write this poem for some young people I know:

    Hi, Arthur Earth. I’m Merlin Moon.
    Can I please help you play a tune?

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