the blindness of busy.



It’s walking

down a road

stunned by

the beauty

only to realize

you’ve driven it

hundreds of times.


We miss so much

when we hurry.


It’s the golden finch,

the baby mantis,

the fuchsia wildflowers

nestled amongst

thorny weeds,



and hidden from

hurried faces.


Rushing past

the loves of our lives

to make the bus,

catch the light,

get to work,

blindly chasing

the empty dream,

finishing gold-plated

in this heated race

toward death,


rushing past the love of your life,


past walks and drinks,

past hands held shyly,

past nervous lips

meeting beneath

flickering street lamps,

past quiet conversations

draped in dawn’s

blue light,


rushing past

what songs

and poems


and lives

are made of.


Rushing past inspiration,

we are driven by the

constant fear

of slowing down

for long enough

to look it all

in the eyes

and see the truth

that proves

this madness




Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014

33 thoughts on “the blindness of busy.

  1. I like all the “rushing past” refrains, but “rushing past the love of your life” and “rushing past / what songs / and poems / and lives / are made of/” are particularly nice. Oh well, I just like the whole thing. 8^) (I also like that you followed my blog. Thanks.)

  2. “rushing past what songs and poems and lives are made of…” so sad, so true.
    Beautiful piece. I love it.
    ~ Ben

  3. Your reference to fear and meeting it eye to eye in the final stanza was probably my favorite part. Fueled with emotional points of view, nice job.

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