the weak cog.

Fleeting, Shayne of the Dead
Fleeting, Shayne of the Dead


So we’ve got

these things

that are just

the best at

what they do –


fruits and fireflies,

trees and tigers,

demons and dogs,

each commanding

a unique

genetic purpose

without question

or doubt.


Countless creatures

of leaf and fur,

of scale and skin,

of life and breath

working and resting,

foraging and nesting,

attacking and defending,

keeping this

clockwork ticking,


while we struggle

with our big brains

and fancy thumbs

to get at

the meaning

of life.


You’ll never

see a bear

slumped over

on the forest floor

wallowing in

the despair of



an ant paralyzed

by fear of change,


a fern listless

in the wake of

unrequited love.


Human beings are


the most effective

and defective


on the planet.



Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014


19 thoughts on “the weak cog.

      1. sort-of wit: that the very problem of,
        ‘… our big brains
        and fancy thumbs’
        is both our unease AND the source of our beauty; I would never pick nits, even if I had wit

  1. I was thinking about something similar a few weeks ago…
    You never know. There could be an existential rabbit somewhere pondering hard about the meaning of life, only he doesn’t have much time to do it because everything wants to eat him. “To be, or not to be. That is the-AHH SHIT, FALCONS!!”
    Nice poem.

  2. Dear beautiful Wallflower,
    The world is more entangled than you think. Dolphins breathe consciously. Can you imagine? One very famous one became heartbroken when its (human) beloved left. Peter, the dolphin, refused to breathe, sank to the bottom of his pool and died. Compassion is a great connector. I love your blog!

    1. Oh poor guy! Dolphins certainly do have something special going on … there’s no doubt. Even my dog gets depressed. It’s a broad and flawed metaphor, but you get the idea. 😉 Thank you Manja! You’re lovely as well.

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