fruits and nothings.

Kiyo Murakami
Kiyo Murakami


What does

it mean to let

come what may?


Formless words

dense with



dripping with

the tart juices

of something


less than love

and greater

than reason


shock a tongue


the tickle


of sweet

fruits and



tasted and


after the


world was


and only


the stars




Bitter fruits

growing from

the soft petals


of decadent words

(with vibrant hues

and sweet aromas


that trick the bees

into yielding

poisonous honey)


are innocent

carriers of the

impolite pain


of sacred words

lightly thrown

into the face


of a one who

craves them

like breadcrumbs


toward the

eager beak of

a starving pigeon.



Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014

14 thoughts on “fruits and nothings.

  1. Lovely. Very effective on the senses. The Dantesque 3 line structure moves the eye along in an interesting way.

  2. Poetry is indescribable. “decadent words”, “juicy” . I love your imagery. Compelling words. “innocent carriers of impolite pain”. I need to brood over those words, for pain has been one of my most loyal friends.

    Thank you for following my blog and liking the post from my second one (therebelliousvoice). I need to come back to your lines.

    Kind regards

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