when the walls collapse



Maybe I was there.

Maybe you were there.

Maybe you and I

looked up at the stars

as the eyes

of infinite gods,

or the infinite eyes

of one god –

and we imagined

the possibilities.


Maybe we stood

at the feet of

rhythmic waves

as their rumbling

voices hinted

of secrets beneath

the arc of deep blue,

and we imagined

the possibilities.


Maybe there was

a time between lives,

before and after

everything was named,

when we witnessed

the ground beneath

our feet

and skies above

our eyes

without condition.


This meaning

without name,


without cost,


without judgement

is lost

when human eyes

are closed

and the blind

pursuit begins.


As if life’s beauty

itself isn’t enough

to satisfy

the reason

for being,

we shamefully define

that which

defies definition,


breeding foolish pride

with each steadfast


widening the rift

between man and nature.


Greed and power

construct the

revolving doors

of perceived reality,

keeping our

eyes on what

everyone else has

and our minds on

how badly we

want it,


but the universe

with its endless eyes

doesn’t blink

a single one

when we’ve

earned or

lost a million.


Our tiny order

doesn’t mean

a thing

when galaxies




Renee Novosel

All Right Reserved

Copyright 2014

44 thoughts on “when the walls collapse

  1. This resounds with a song by The Call back in the 80s. The title of it was When the Walls Came Down. It was a blockbuster that caused that whole scene to collapse and ushered in Grunge after the popsters had their fun imitating the 80s. We haven’t been on an upswing yet but I do believe this should be set to music.
    The Castle Lady

    1. After reading your comment I had a listen. Being born in 1980, I have clear and fond memories of this genre, however many of these memories lack adult perspective. Fantastic track. There’s such texture and richness to music with real meaning. Thank you for the flattering correlation and recommendation! I’ve always dreamed of writing for music …

      Happy New Year’s eve, Castle Lady. ♡

  2. I enjoyed this on many levels. I can see you didn’t wander aimlessly in your time between lives. This was old soul deep.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the like and follow on my photography blog, but I’m going to follow you from here as this is where I occasionally don my ‘poet’ hat, such as it is. Love your writings.

  4. I love the honesty with which you write your poetry and your passion for words is evident. Thank you for the like and the follow. I am doing the same, but not out of gratitude – out of pure admiration for your work

  5. The universe created humans.

    We created humanity and people.

    Inside the inside there’s an inside inside the inside of the inside of the inside surrounded the inside.

    Too much focus inwards and life becomes one.

    Looking out at it all and it all becomes alone.

    Floating in space without a supporting mattress.

    Gods play Asteroids as people load up Space Invaders.

    1. Well, you can easily create a WordPress site! It seems you’ve created a profile already? I bought the .com from Hover, but you can do it all for free. Come over and I’ll help!

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