life as an onion.

"White Onion" by Justin Clayton
“White Onion” by Justin Clayton


Brittle paper skin

crackles beneath

shaking fingers,

exposing the

glossy globe

of ivory white

with its longitudinal

striations of

spring bud green.


It is beautiful

and you are young,

unaware of what

lies beneath.


Smooth in

your palms

and heavy

for its size,

fair onion

has gravity

hiding beneath

this elastic layer.


Then comes

the knife.

Then comes

the truth.


Life is an onion,

each delicious layer

promising the

painful sting of tears.



Renee Novosel

Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved


23 thoughts on “life as an onion.

      1. It’s very descriptive and made me smile as life does indeed come in layers, some of which leave us with stinging tears, but fortunately through the stinging tears we can learn to appreciate life’s layers. As with everything in life, it’s all in the interpretation😄

  1. enjoyed your poem, if I may suggest, its quite stronger if you omit the final stanza, the second last, “then comes the knife, then comes the truth” is so powerful as an ending. bless

    — w

  2. I love this poem! Your onion analogy was very entertaining – I really felt the emotion you were describing in this poem. My favorite part is the knife representing the truth. Wonderful!

  3. wow… indeed life is like an onion… the best part is the knife part.. love it.simple, yet very meaningful.

    P.S. Thank you for following my blog and liking my poems.

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