a designer flock.

Woods at Night 1 by Chris Friel
Woods at Night 1 by Chris Friel


Sheep blindly pursuing

the vacant salvation of

wealth and conformity


who sacrifice intuition

for the sake of

synthetic dreams


don’t make it far

in the darkness

of natural night


with nothing more

than polymer dogs

for protection.



Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015

23 thoughts on “a designer flock.

  1. Set a little fire,

    Watch the plastic melt.

    Wicked Witch,

    “I’m melting, melting…”

    So thirsty, let us drink poison.

    Starving, fill the hunger but never the void.

    A zombie is happy to feed off the dead.

  2. I’ve written poems lashing out at conformity and the sheer pretentiousness of it all, with a raw grunge song intensity, and it’s nice to see someone do it so differently. So subtle, so full of nuance. Your artistry really shines through.

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