beyond the walls.

Kevin German / LUCEO For the New York Times


Paralyzing fear closes tightly in

as yesterday’s wasted opportunities

seep through its prison walls,


collecting in the night’s mind

as infinitely heavy clouds of regret,

gathering behind powerful eyes

that weep morning dew

upon the ground beneath our feet,

upon the waking world all around —


quenching thirsty grasses, flowers, and trees

whose breathy sighs of relief

fill our lungs with second, third, and thirtieth chances,

giving us daily the gift of life,

giving us daily the gift of choice —


the gift of choosing bravery and honesty

over quietly hiding,

the gift of choosing nurturing kindness

over narrow selfishness,

the gift of choosing

more and more every day

mindful purpose and gratitude

over succumbing to

the walls closing in around us.



Renee Novosel

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2017

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